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Matt 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, Rom 12:4-8, Col 1:28 & 3:16, 1Cor 14:26c, Eph 4:12

Helping Christians, families, and the Body of Christ to mature through the study, preaching, and exhortation of the Word of God.  Allowing all of our doctrines and direction to come from the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  Always being sensitive to the Holy Spirit as not to grieve Him.


All this being done so we are prepared, empowered, and equipped to fulfill God's purpose in our lives lived for Christ.  Starting in our local community we will be witnesses, teachers, and mentors through the power of the Holy Spirit to make disciples for Christ.  Through these disciples we will send the message of salvation of mankind through Christ and the message of the power of God through his Holy Spirit in love to all nations.


A Body of believers that belong to a church that has become the center of Christian activity in our local communities.  Allowing different ministries and outreaches to be prepared, empowered, and have the freedom to grow so that they will have an impact on lives


The message of Christ dying on the cross for the salvation of mankind.  Power of the Holy Spirit to witness, to empower, to teach, and to proclaim the message of Christ.  People are the center of our ministry and all will be done to love, teach, admonish, uplift, encourage, empower, and build the faith of the believers.  Reaching the lost for Christ and sharing with them the love of God through love, relationships, outreach, and ministry.

Continue to our beliefs as a PCG affiliated Church

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