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These four words and principles are the center of our vision statement at FHC.


We believe God has called every believer to Reach those in need in our world

today. The lost need Christ, the struggling need encouragement and the addicted

need freedom! We believe that every disciple of Christ can Reach them with

God’s amazing love. No matter how far from God someone might find

themselves-- God’s love can reach them. No matter how great the struggle is in

their life-- Jesus is the answer.


To Grow in Christ is the responsibility of every believer. Here at FHC, we want to

help in that process!  In our church, we are focused on creating “growth” opportunities for all believers.  No matter where believers are in their spiritual journey, no matter what age they are, and no matter how long they have been in the faith-- we desire to see

believers grow and mature in Christ!

To Prepare is to understand who we are in Christ, where our identity is, and how

to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives. Preparing is taking steps of faith towards

God’s dream for our lives. Preparing is being engaged in the activities that will

give us the tools and experiences needed to impact a world.

Impact happens when we engage in the purpose God has for us as individuals and

as a group of believers. As we live out our lives with God’s purpose first, we can

impact lives and change the world!

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